Facial, Waxing and Massage


Infants & Children

 We ask that children and infants not accompany a parent who is  receiving treatment. Children are welcome if they have an appointment  for service as long as they are accompanied by a parent at all times.

Medical Condition 

Please notify us in advance if you have a medical condition such as high  blood pressure, allergies, physical ailments, disabilities, or are  currently on Retin-A, Accutane or any photosensitizing or keratolytic  medications, or have had recent laser or plastic surgery, or metal  implants.   Any of the above conditions may affect our ability to  perform your requested treatment(s).   

Reservation & Cancellation

As a courtesy, we give a reminder call of your scheduled appointment  approximately 48 hours in advance.  The service(s)/time you have  selected are especially reserved for you.  Reservations may require a  credit card, or a Gift Certificate number, or may be paid in advance to  secure your scheduled time. Neither card will be billed unless your  vacated appointment goes unfilled.  We do our best to fill these  openings—just like you, we would much prefer to have another guest take  your place than charge for the late cancellation.  “Same day  cancellation” will result in a 50% charged of service(s) reserved.  “No  shows” will be charged full price of reserved service(s).  Reserving an  appointment is your acceptance of our policy.

Cell Phones

For the enjoyment of all our guests, please silence your cell phone and  speak softly.  We appreciate your understanding and  cooperation.